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Although our reversible gilets are designed with style in mind, they do not lack in usability and are packed with unique features. From functional details to impeccable finishes, attention to detail is what takes our reversible gilets from ordinary to extraordinary.

Zip Puller

The snake knot is perfect for a zipper pull, the ends are trimmed close to the knot and melted in place so it will never come undone.

We use para-cord for durability and strength. The orange symbolises our brand and is a safety colour in field sports.

Bellow Pockets

Large leather bound bellow pockets on the tweed side are perfect to hold everything you need close to hand.

The size is perfect for dog leads, phones, field sports equipment, camera lens covers and anything you carry around daily.

Zip Pockets

With pockets on both sides you can keep your valuables safely zipped away and out of sight.

Perfect for money, phones, passport or anything you would like to keep safe and hidden.

Coat Hang Tag

This may seem a small detail but it’s an essential one especially when the gilet is reversible.

The branded hang tag is discreet but large enough for the gilet to be hung on a traditional coat peg.

Pin Piuma


The main materials have been sourced, manufactured and tailored in the UK.
Producing this reversible gilet with as many British products as we can is essential for us.

Durable Tweed

The tweed is twill woven in Yorkshire extremely tightly so it’s very durable. Many different yarns are woven together in intricate weaves to create a multi-tone fabric.

The tweed is 100% wool, naturally insulating, odour-resistant, easy to care for, naturally fire-resistant and water-resistance.

Padded Quilting

Our diamond quilting nylon fabric has equestrian heritage. No horse hair or dog hair can stick to this nylon fabric and it’s easier to glide on over other items of clothing.

The quilted side is shower proof and soft to the touch.

Trimmed in Leather

Real leather sourced from Dorset is soft to the touch making it easier to glide your hands in and out of the pockets.

The collar and pocket trims have a cord inner making them durable on hard wear areas.

The leather is a real gem that will look better with age. The finishing touch to the gilet giving it an overall wow factor.

Hardwearing Zip

Each of the three zips is YKK. Providing world class performance in terms of design, function, quality and consideration for the environment.

With self-lubrication, YKK zippers move even more smoothly the more you use them. The surface of the zipper is beautifully plated and won’t easily fade.

Pin Piuma


The richness and depth of our tweed colours


With its diverse tones suitable for all skin types, a rich, warm and perfectly autumnal shade that is easy to pair with other colours.


Representing the balanced hues of nature. A versatile colour that can be used to create a classic country style look inspired by the landscape.


A timeless shade with a multitude of undertones. It can be paired with a wide range of colours, making it a popular choice for a smarter look.

Pin Piuma


Pin Piuma is a labour of love. Founded in 2020 by country lover Rob Keyes, in a small village in Suffolk, Pin Piuma reversible gilets are made with passion and purpose.

As a regular gilet wearer, whether at work, at leisure or in the countryside, Rob came up with the idea to design a single item that he could wear for all occasions. After much thought, consultation, design and production, the range of Pin Piuma reversible gilets was born.

Unlike anything else on the market, Pin Piuma stands out from the crowd. With a sense of independence and self-confidence, those who wear Pin Piuma think outside the box, not following the crowd but putting design and durability first and foremost.

The gilet is a modern day classic and being reversible adds to the uniqueness. If you’re looking to streamline your wardrobe, simplify your life and ensure that your clothes work for you, our reversible gilets are a smart solution. Perfect for your capsule wardrobe to mix and match and make several different outfits. Whether male or female, town or country mouse, the team at Pin Piuma hope you love what we do, and you wear your reversible gilets with pride and pleasure.